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The Virus


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The Virus

Post by Katherine on Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:16 pm

"What do you think it does?"

A secluded lab had just found a new virus, one they called Ethriadal-01. They tested it on mice, rabbits, and any other lab animal they had. It seemed to have no effect. The virus still spread, but even upon dissection there was no noticeable change in the animals. Perhaps it was time to test it on humans. The government would never allow them to test it on civilians- it was too unethical. They'd have to try it on themselves, if they dared.

And they did.

The results were a catastrophe. The seemingly-harmless virus was violent in humans. It changed their mental stage, making them violent and altering their judgement. Speculations also said that it might have blocked pain, making them able to move on even after suffering sever injuries. The lab was ruined, the effected lab animals escaping out into the wild. Most of the original carriers never made it to cities, but any animal that they encountered got the virus. From there, it spread like wildfire. Even those who weren't effected were killed soon enough. Scientist who tried to study it ended up with failure. There was no way to contain it and the host. Eventually, everyone died.

Except the animals.

The changes weren't too noticeable at first, but in the end species could communicate with other species, form groups and live together. You could find things such as a wolf living with a group of deer, polar bears and lions that escaped from the zoos working together, birds and cats, any strange combination of things. The virus did not change their appearance- at least not as of yet.

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