Come join a world, in which dragons and humans live in harmony, in current time. They have long since abandoned their past grudges for peace...... or have they? But in this new period, humans aren't the only creatures around. So, come join us, even if you don't plan to be very active! We have dragons, but we also have griffons and pheonixes, and any mythical creature you can think of!

A paradise for some, a nightmare for others. This is Faunaila, a world where only the strong survive, and the weak fall prey.




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Personal Info
Name: Dawn ‘Nebula’ Asteria
Age: 513
Gender: Demigirl
Sexuality: Homoromantic Gray-ace
Species: Owl Avian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Dawn is a spontaneous, happy-go-lucky kind of person. She’s a very sociable person, enjoying the company of other people. Most of her humour consists of self-depreciating jokes and horrible dad jokes. Her (relatively) small stature and soft colours make her look kind and welcoming, and rightly so.

Dawn is more of a follower type of person, preferring to follow instructions instead of giving them. She is spontaneous, but her innocent nature leads her to have slow realisations, further clouded by her optimistic behaviour, failing to admit that things can, and will, go wrong at some points. This naivety causes Dawn to do things like trust untrustworthy people, and get into stick situations.

The avian is a very empathetic person, instantly feeling sad if she sees someone else sad. She hates to see suffering and torture, and she especially hates it when she makes others sad by accident.

Dawn dislikes killing in self-defence, much preferring to knock people out or other situations that don’t cause significant harm to the attacker. She, in fact, flat out refuses to kill people who don’t deserve it.
Likes: –Being surrounded by her friends
-Moving around and being active
-Making other people laugh and be happy
-Horrible and disgusting dad jokes/puns
Dislikes: -Being alone for too long
-Being still for too long
-Seeing other people sad or suffering
-Death, gore, or anything of the like
Fears: Dawn is scared of being forgotten, dying with no significance to anyone whatsoever. She tries so hard to make a difference in the world, to make everyone in her life happy. If she died, knowing that no one ever appreciated her, she would be heartbroken.

Dawn is also scared that she’ll die alone. As an extrovert who literally survives off of social interactions and having fun, being alone makes her very uncomfortable. Usually, she is very alone, despite having many friends; at least she knows she has friends that care about her! But being alone for the rest of eternity is such a depressing thought to her.

Height: 6’2 from head to toe, 12’5 wingspan.
Weight: 72kg
Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Tanned skin. Her wing feathers are pale indigo, purple and pink.
Eyes: Ultramarine
Hair: Her hair isn’t made up of hair, but of pastel coloured feathers. The roots start at a salmon red, fading through pale pinks and ending in a lavender. She wears her hair down, and the tips reach the floor.
Looks: Dawn has a lithe figure, her body streamlined for flying. She has good upper-body strength, mostly used for moving her wings. However, as most of her muscle mass is distributed around her chest and shoulder area, the rest of her body looks disproportionately weak in comparison.

Her hair is soft and downy, drifting down to the small of her back. Feathers fray out haphazardly, and it looks like a soft mess of pastel fluff. Her hair ends in a deceivingly neat flick at the tip.

Her wings, when fully stretched, are more than double her height, and the feathers are a similar pastel colour to her hair. The gradient, however, goes from a pale indigo to lavender to baby pink. There are also white streaks in the feathers, similar looking to clusters of stars and nebulae.

Owl Physiology:
Hollow bones: Like most birds, Dawn has hollow bones. This makes herself lighter, which in turn makes her faster and makes it easier for her to fly. The hollow bones are strengthened by internal struts that brace the bone so that it can hold Dawn’s weight, and not be crushed when she takes off nor lands.
Feathers: As she is an owl avian, she makes no noise when she moves or flies. Due to the broad surface area of her wingspan, she does not need to flap her wings as she can just glide. Even if she does need to flap, her movements are still silent. This is because an owl’s primary feathers are serrated like a comb, breaking down turbulence into smaller currents. Additionally, the under wing-converts are velvety, absorbing the sound frequencies.
Vision: She has sharp vision, able to pick out a target and track their movement from a very far distance. Like an owl, she also has night vision.
Hearing: As owls are mostly nocturnal and crepuscular, they have advanced hearing so that they don’t rely solely on their unreliable sight. Dawn can hear how far a target is, up to 75 feet away.
Improved Respiration: Dawn has air sacs along with her usual lungs, meaning she has improved respiration and adapts to high-altitude air pressure quickly.
Weaknesses/Flaws: Her naivety is a fatal weakness. She will blindly follow anyone who seems nice and decent, and it’s very easy to trick and manipulate her. Half the time, she wouldn’t even notice that you’re using her, since she only cares about making as many friends as possible and seeing people happy.

She flat out refuses to kill anyone, thinking that she can change their minds by talking to them. She always takes the pacifist route, preferring to talk and make peace over fighting and killing. This gets her in situations that sometimes forces her to hurt to get out of, ultimately hurting her more than it would have if she would have just been more assertive in the first place.
Special Abilities: She has the ability to fly and glide long distances, being an owl avian. Apart from this, she’s just a boring old person.
Weapons: She has a simple bow and arrow she picked up one day. She uses this to hunt for food, and carries it around everywhere to make her look cool.

Parents: Unknown
Mate: Ryu Kim
Offspring: N/A
Relatives: N/A

History: I’ll come up with a history for AU Nebula some time later, but I’m more focused on OU Nebby. Basically, she never got brainwashed into a murderer, thus living a normal and average life.

RP paragraph: do I have to


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