Come join a world, in which dragons and humans live in harmony, in current time. They have long since abandoned their past grudges for peace...... or have they? But in this new period, humans aren't the only creatures around. So, come join us, even if you don't plan to be very active! We have dragons, but we also have griffons and pheonixes, and any mythical creature you can think of!

A paradise for some, a nightmare for others. This is Faunaila, a world where only the strong survive, and the weak fall prey.

Character Template



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Character Template

Post by Alex on Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:55 pm

Hello! This is the template to making your character. Please copy and paste from the code found at the bottom of this post.

[size=16][b]Personal Info[/b][/size]
[b]Name:[/b] (Your character's full name)
[b]Age:[/b] (How old is your character? Feel free to include birth-date as well.)
[b]Sex:[/b] (Male or female?)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Are they heterosexual, homosexual, etc.)
[b]Species:[/b] (What animal are they? Modern-day animals only.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (How does your character act/feel? Must be at least 5 sentences long.)
[b]Height:[/b] (How tall are they in ft./in./cm.? Feel free to add length and/or wingspan as well.)
[b]Weight:[/b] (How heavy are they in lbs./g./mg.?)
[b]Eyes:[/b] (Color of their eyes)
[b]Feathers/Fur/Scales:[/b] (What covers them? What's the color? How's it designed?)
[b]Looks:[/b] (How do they look? Must be detailed. Think of how their covering is arranged,  ect. Pictures can be included, but text still needs to be present.)
[b]Strengths/Skills:[/b] (What are they good at? At least 3.)
[b]Weaknesses/Flaws:[/b] (What are they not good at?At least 3.)
[b]Fears:[/b] (What does your character fear? It can be a phobia or a thought. At least 2)
[b]Likes/Hobbies:[/b] (What does your like? Must have minimum of 4.)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (What does your character dislike? Must have minimum of 4.)
[b]Parents:[/b] (Can be deceased or unknown.)
[b]Mate:[/b] (N/A, if you don't have one.)
[b]Offspring:[/b] (N/A, if you don't have any.)
[b]History:[/b] (Brief history; Can explain more later. Optional)
[b]RP paragraph:[/b] (At least 5 sentences of how you would RP. Can range from a daily activity to a fictional event. Be creative!)

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